Go therefore and make disciples...

Our Mission

To have a local and global impact with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, and help people from all walks of life can meet God, come into a relationship with Jesus, and grow in the ways of Christ.

Our Values

Our values are the very thing that make up our philosophy of ministry. We pour these into our audience to instill in them the same desires.

Heart of God

We're a people after God's own heart. We want to pursue Him daily, and explore His heart and His character. The Heart of God is not just something we endlessly pursue, it also stands for our philosophy of ministry.

Heart for People

We love people. We love seeing the lost become saved more than anything. We don't believe the church should be exclusive, but rather, the very opposite. Church is for everyone. There are many different people from many different backgrounds of life who all need Jesus, which is where the unity of church comes in. The body of Christ is of great diversity - having many different parts. That diversity is beautiful. We are a place for you to come and meet Jesus, and welcome you with open arms.

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